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STEMCortex Framework

The National Minority Technology Council's Looking Forward Research and Development program works to delineate the body of knowledge on a set of regional economic ecosystems located in the U.S.  


Education is born of the hope and desire that all may share in life and "be more". The Council Exchange Board of Trade's Looking Forward Learning for Economic Advancement Research Network (LEARN) aims to connect learning outcomes to industry needs both here in the US and abroad.

STEMCortex is a member led design based research project that works to innovate the connection between education, knowledge and ideas with CTE (Career and Technical Education) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) instructional pedagogies in public education. This applied research focuses on Title I schools in urban and rural communities with high minority populations.

STEMCortex is a pragmatic yet innovative critical pedagogy that explores the process that best ignites the ideation of work and productivity in the classroom. It is an approach to teaching that promotes new methods where students are taken through a learning process that both brings learning to life and bridges personal responsibility and community gain.  


STEMCortex was initially conceived from an industry need for brilliance, capacity, and creativity among our minority community. The 21st Century knowledge economy brings the promise of high growth, high wage careers.

Access to these opportunities requires both a family and community driven change in expectations about work and preparation. STEMCortex explores the promise of Public Education as a change agent. STEMCortex brings an opportunity for District Wide cultural change by shifting our focus from discipline to instructional guidance, directing students in putting into practice what has been taught.


Our belief is industry works best in concert with government and inclusion is the only escape from the economic crisis found in the heart of our most urban centers across the US.

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Design Based Research - Requirements Gathering

Building a New Economy in Minority Communities

Karl Cureton, NMTC Founder and Executive Chairman

February 21, 2018 Keynote - Future of Technology Summit

Ronald Reagan Building, Washington DC.  

Cognitive Theory Research on Career and Technology Education for Disenfranchised Student Populations

Advancement Research converges performance, governance and capital into innovation ecosystems. 

Program Design

Looking Forward Research & Development

Design Based Research Initiatives:

"Process Not Program of Activities"

Parent Involvement Board Governance Committee

Knowledge is Power!

Parents are the central contributor to a child's education. PIBs bring voice to the fact that Parent Involvement must be a legitimate element of education and is a process not a program of activities.

At the core of our "Common Governance" framework is a recognition of moral hazard in government bureaucracy and industry's role in job creation and knowledge transfer.

Our vision of collaboration ensures an increase in community access to workforce opportunities and resources. 

STEM Educator Professional Development!

Celebrating Innovation in Education

  • 20 Region Conference Series - 2019
  • Connecting Industry to Education
  • District Level Technical Assistance
  • School Board Governance Training
  • ICT Curriculum Development

Professional Development

& Institutional Research

Building on Data Decisions for Education Research (EdData)

EdData provides resources, innovative practices, professional development and industry focused guidance on design based ICT curriculum research and STEM-CTE content development. 

Given the great promise for data-informed decision making in the education sector EdData's team of Sr. Research Fellows bring industry and workforce subject matter expertise for STEM-CTE institutional curriculum research. 

EdData offers technical assistance to institutional researchers who are primary responsible for developing models, collecting and managing data, and interpreting and analyzing data, particularly with regards to outcome metrics.

EdData's industry focus includes perspectives on institutional investment strategies and partnership development algorithms.

EdData is currently forming partnerships with the HBCU/MSI community along with the communities they serve in targeted regions with high minority populations.  The longitudinal framework allows for outcomes studies that in part work to measure workforce entry success correlating student investment (time and money) to a developing career placement income and mobility index.   

Pictured below - HBCU Board/President Presentation with
   NMTC Executive Chairman

Historically Black Colleges/Minority Serving Institutions (HBCU/MSI) 

Higher-Ed Research Cohort

The National Minority Technology Council was selected by the U.S. Department of Commerce to assist in accelerating technology transfer and commercialization of federal research in support of high-growth business.


Fueled by our nation's focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and U.S. competitiveness, Career and Technical Education (CTE) is emerging as a systematic platform for education-industry collaboration and exploration. 


New Partnerships In Development
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Conference Series

 Our Discover STEM-CTE District event "roadshow" provides career options to members of those communities currently disenfranchised to our growing economy. 

Council Exchange Board of Trade

Building Trusted Networks


Karl Cureton   Co-PI

"NMTC's Looking Forward R&D program aims to better position our member's market competitive positioning by leveraging both our brand and our longitudinal design based research."

Brenda Cureton    Co-PI

"Our Looking Forward initiate serves to initiate organic growth by developing a network of resources for technology transfer and synergistic economic specialization in our minority communities."

NMTC Sr. Fellow Program

NMTC's research group leaders are committed to the design based methodology, allowing for a sequencing of iterations.


Senior Fellow Program

Unlocking Your
Human & Network

Building on Opportunity by Leveraging Trust, Capability, Excellence and Passion.

CEBOT's Senior Fellow program is a place for trust and distinction. For those who have accomplished much there is often a desire to either give back or the wisdom to combine forces. 

Our Sr. Fellow program allows for individuals to be a part of our $100 Billion ecosystem of innovation. NMTC's network of over 65,000 minority technology companies need to be leveraged and our Sr. Fellows are well positioned to strategically support this community's growth. 

 Sr. Fellows lead our organization in ways that allows NMTC's research to scale by bringing governance and capability to the gaps we have uncovered that inhibit stakeholder partnership success and growth.  


Senior Fellow

America Unites

Targeting skills based training and community building to increase awareness of the benefits of work.

Regional Workforce & Community Readiness Initiative

Career Pathway Events are being developed for the following locations below



The National Minority Technology Council (NMTC) is merging with the Council Exchange Board of Trade (Council Exchange).


NMTC will govern the membership and vendor governance process and the Council Exchange will operate both Looking Forward Research & Development and research the creation of an Qualified Opportunity Fund Private Fund Complex.

"Change is the only thing we can trust will persist"

Karl Cureton, Chairman Emeritus, National Minority Technology Council

Executive Chairman, Council Exchange Board of Trade

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